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ive been looking for a warmth device for a long while. i can never seem to find pedals that hit that sweet spot

Sep 2016

Hardly seems like an elektron box without p-locks. So weird. Hope they release a new synth soon.

Sep 2016

Looks and sounds cool. But no instrument input? ! ? !

Sep 2016
gorf avatar

Oh man this does sound pretty nice!

Sep 2016
DInterplay avatar

I hope this isn't a sign of them moving away from grooveboxes.

Sep 2016
skab avatar

I don't think it's over-priced though. If you take, say, the mono Waldorf 2-pole and double it to make it stereo, that's, what. . . $430? Then chuck in a decent sounding EQ and 8 distortion circuits on top of that. I mean, it's not cheap. . . but. . .
Also, Colin, Gorf good to see you again!

Sep 2016
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