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Listening, Chattanooga, Bandcamp, Chatting, Desktop
Juice avatar

listening this new launch got me feeling a bit nostalgic. i also realized it's been almost exactly ten years since i met j-chot irl after chatting on em411 for a long time. i packed my desktop and crt up and drove to chattanooga to play my first show and selling copies of my first demo for $1. i somehow managed to find a cdr copy and ripped it and threw it up on bandcamp so here it is in all of its horribly inconsistent and unmastered glory! Bandcamp

6 4 1571 Sep 2016


jp avatar

that's great fun to listen to!

Sep 2016
doofgoblin avatar

nice! ah, the days of packing up desktops and crts. nostalgic indeed. now I wanna dig out some old pics!

Sep 2016
JohnVerchot avatar

https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=gmryoUSXazg oh, would you look at that. . . . .

Sep 2016
Juice avatar

@johnverchot yeah. . . i thought about linking that but i couldn't bear too. so thanks ; p

i did spend the last part of my work day going through your youtube channel though. the cooking episode is a classic.

Sep 2016
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