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I've been enjoying the hell out of Ignatius' new Smug Ruins EP, and came here to post a link. But alas, he's pulled it from Bandcamp. Perhaps he had an after the fact revelation on how to make it better. I don't know. If he reposts, I recommend checking it out. listening listening Mix
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Ignatius, if you're out there, tell us what's up. And if you update the release, I'll buy it again. It's dope as hell.
February 12
bogdan avatar
bogdan 147
Looks like he uploaded the wrong versions according to a thread at WATMM should be coming back soon?
February 13

yeah.. i had the flu when i was uploading/creating release pages etc and a i uploaded the unmastered versions. the release should be back up soon.. hopefully this week. the release pages will be the same and anyone who bought it on band camp will have the release back in their 'collection' automatically. if not then i'll send emails out directly w/a link or something.

thanks of listening and the support. glad people are digging it. there will be more ignites and buried in time stuff this year.
February 13

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