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ok - here's a link to 2 new releases composed on modular synth mostly last summer. i released the wrong files a couple weeks ago but tonight got the final masters back so re-uploaded etc.

if you bought the previous version on bandcamp the new files replaced those versions so all you need to do is re-download and you're good. they should be in your bandcamp collection already.

1 -
2 -

thanks for listening.

2 2 1009 Feb 2017


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I'm enjoying the first linked song. It has a monster lurking kinda vibe.

Feb 2017

I love both of these releases Ignatius, start to finish. Can you talk a little about what you had to do to replace the prior files? I've never had to do that before, but always feared that it wouldn't be possible. I'm glad to learn that it is.

Don't bother answering my prior question. I see Bandcamp has a "replace" option for each track. I'm really into Smug Ruins, by the way. The quick attacking instruments contrast marvelously with the slow resonant ones.

Mar 2017
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