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The most recent TEMPI firmware lets us use the State Select knob and its CV input for a new parameter: Voltage controlled Tempo!

By default, Channel 1 will be set up for Tap Tempo. To change to voltage controlled Tempo, go to the Clock Edit page by double-clicking both Program Buttons. When Ch1 does not have any Red in its color, in other words when it is BLUE or OFF, Tap Tempo will be OFF and the Tempo will be set by the State Select control.

The individual channels will maintain their tempo relationships when changing this control. So you can switch States or edit individual channels while also changing the Leading Tempo. I'll change States using a Leading René.

The State select CV input is normalled to an offset so you can use it as an attenuator for incoming CV.

Get the new firmware at:


204 Oct 2018 Youtube

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