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Bastlinstrument, Grannysteppin, Lowpassfilter, Stepsequencer, Microgranny2 Another #Axoloti project (slowly) nearing completion! @bastlinstruments #microgranny 8-step sequencer and audio FX with parameter lock! Using the side connectors, the #microgranny2 is powered and receives MIDI data. Its audio is then fed through the seque - Instagram
Another Axoloti project (slowly) nearing completion! @bastlinstruments microgranny 8-step sequencer and audio FX with parameter lock! Using the side connectors, the microgranny2 is powered and receives MIDI data. Its audio is then fed through the sequencer for LPF , delay and reverb effects, which can be sequenced as well. Aaand it has an analog clock input so that I can easily sync the MicroGranny to a bitranger , kastle or modularsynth bastlinstruments lowpassfilter sequencer midi audiofx diy hacking stepsequencer synth sampler synthesizer namm not lol grannysteppin analogsynth
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helloim bamboo, i am an artist/programmer in new york interested in ascii art, zero waste fashion, mIRC, experimental hard techno and melodic speedcore i remember posting on em411 in 2001 for the remix competitions that happened here - it's nice to see it back.
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Retape: ASDF is dope! Looking forward to trying out more of 'em at home.
TomPhonic: hey bamboo, welcome back! I think I was just getting aquainted with em411 around that time too. I got you followed o n soundcloud. nice tunes. I'm in NYC too.
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I made this little Markov chain MIDI file generator using Clojure a couple years ago. It's pretty rudimentary, but it was a fun little project to work on:
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bogdan: Nice. I'm often intrigued by the thought of programmatically-generated audio but never actually do it. Do you have any samples online of what this sounds like?
dylan: I posted a small piece generated from Bach's Goldberg variations to my SoundCloud account a while back but have since removed it to make way for other tracks (I'm too cheap to buy a paid account, ha). Since it's on Github you're of course free to clone it and run some MIDI files through it, though if you do end up using it I apologize in advance for the horrendous GUI.In general, I found that a 2nd-order Markov Chain performs reasonably well when the input has a well-defined melodic and harmonic structure and a sufficiently large corpus of musical data to draw upon. For music that is more improvisational in nature (e.g. Liszt fantasies), the results are not all that useful, but still occasionally interesting. Using a third or fourth order Markov Chain might yield better results since the current state transition (pitch) now depends on the previous three or four states.The other thing I couldn't really get "right" was altering the rhythmic component. I think that was probably a combination of poorly implemented MIDI note on/off event timing but it could also be that Markov processes aren't well suited for the particular corpus of data I was working with.
Electronica, Netherlands, Breakbeats, Synths, Redux Bdciucbe - Jam - Soundcloud
Have been creating pads & what not in Renoise's instrument editor lately using hand-drawn single-cycle waveforms and the modulation + native fx routings. This is a jam with a bunch of such instruments on top of processed fieldrecordings.
Listening, Track, Condenser, Soundtoys, Alterboy Listening, Track, Condenser, Soundtoys, Alterboy
listening Track Welcome back everyone. We've all grown up. I think I have too. I made a track last night all on my own. It features the "Little Alterboy" plugin by soundtoys. I fucking love that plugin. I just recently found out I can control it with midi. The beat is also me on drums, recorded with two over head mics, a sm57 on snare and a condenser on the bass with a blanket over it. mixed real time and fed through the SP303 on the vinyl effect, cut to time in ableton and then fucked by ye ole Live cut plugin. Watcha think?
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AndrewBrewer: Beat is tight!
flies: Nice chill feeling. Very spacious mix. Reminds me of mid 90's "intelligent dnb", but with some more modern touches.The drums could use some distortion or an enhancer or something (gated reverb?) - they seem to need more thwack. I'd also suggest that the bass could be more syncopated.
Controllers, Electronic, Computer, Keyboard, Singing #Repost @marasmazibraHeres Marasma Zibras new music video for the song Dionysus directed by ngels Melange.Link in Biohttps://youtu.be/nkO9MPcmnO4#music #electronic #studio #live #video #song #singing #midi #controllers #computer #piano #keys #keyboard - Instagram
Repost @marasmazibraHeres Marasma Zibras new music video for the song Dionysus directed by ngels Melange.Link in Biohttps://youtu.be/nkO9MPcmnO4music electronic studio live video song singing midi controllers computer piano keys keyboard
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