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Listening, Mix, SmugRuins, Bandcamp, Ignatius
I've been enjoying the hell out of Ignatius' new Smug Ruins EP, and came here to post a link. But alas, he's pulled it from Bandcamp. Perhaps he had an after the fact revelation on how to make it better. I don't know. If he reposts, I recommend checking it out. listening listening Mix
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nicknotis: Excellent. Did JDG handle the mastering duties?
ignatius: @nicknotis - yeah.. he did.. but the files i uploaded weren't mastered ;) i should have the mastered version soon.
Listening, Techno, DUG, MIX, Hybrid Listening, Techno, DUG, MIX, Hybrid
a little hybrid mix i did on a recent trip, bits of me, bits of others, full of rum, recorded somewhere over the atlantic ocean.. Techno listening Mix dug
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TomPhonic: Yea I agree with bogdan. It is also naturally fun as hell to jam out on a beat like this adding, morphing, and removing pieces. Never gets boring for the creator. There is also a special place for the listener, I find it great to listen to when I at the office working and need to concentrate. As always, great in a dirty underground venue.
nicknotis: Agreed. The constantly evolving rhythms and textures in the sound design are classic. When done as well as this, it all sounds fresh. Thanks for sharing dug.