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Still on the hunt for a new ~8 channel Mixer. Ideally I'm hoping to find something with a digital interface (Firewire even, or USB), but I'm dropping the FX criteria as it's really not that important. I'd also like to find something that's not so old, as I worry about warranty. Any recommendations please?
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quip: I love Yamaha MG mixers. They are built well, sound pretty good. EQ and Aux Sends work well. The pre-amps arent noisey they aren't light (good) and relatively easy to fix. I have three knocking around MG12/4 is decent.
jp: soundcraft!
What's your MUST have studio tool? A mixer, synth, plug-in, etc... Myself, I'd have to say my Denon AH-D5000 headphones. It's like being buried in a cocoon of sound. Highly recommended if you ever see them in a shop (or their successors).
zfigz: @bogdan for one, it can control 6 channels of midi. it's also super simple to use once you've wrapped your head around it's different ways of routing things / inputting different triggers (amp, filter, and Lego). it can be very modular like with its array of routing sound. you can also multitrack each instrument/machine it's playing. at this point, one of the biggest things it has going for it is i know how to use it thru N thru :-)
Retape: I have a lot of synths, modular stuff, drum machines etc in my studio, but in a desert island situation it would definitely be computer + headphones. The rest of my stuff I consider a luxury.
n9: My 88 key weighted controller (a Casio Privia 150 which is good and cheap) and my 1967 Fender Jazzmaster are essential.As for software, I don't think that I could do a lot of what I do without Live. The way that you can patch things together in the mixer works very well where a lot of DAWs do not, the Looper plugin is perfect and has the ability to insert effects in the feedback loop, which is key.Aside from that I feel real connection to Echoboy and Decapitator from SoundToys, the FET compressor from Softube, the H910 for detuning and reaktor's (freaking ancient, like 15+ years old) 6-Rev reverb ensemble.
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Any of you have a chance to check out the Keith McMillen KMix yet? Curious but I wish it wasn't so bloody expensive!
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zyxt: I have not really looked into them but that interface would be nice for a set in a dark club.
Is there such a thing as a modestly priced, ~8 channel, possibly built-in FX, slim, light, clean-sounding, low power using Mixer?
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implexgrace: it's 12 channel, but i used a soundcraft EFX-12 for years. it seems to be exactly what you want aside from the size. really great mixer.
bogdan: Thanks for the tip @implexgrace. I'll have to look into that one.
Iololike: I came across the same question