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Microbrute, Armhair, Arturia, Entropy, Modular
Pointed a camera at my studio when recording my latest track. Kinda fun, but weird. Actually recorded a video of making the thing from start to end, but it ended up having no sound. Oh well! Next time...
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murcy: nice man. Sounds like you're having fun. Got more?
Retape: Not yet! Planning on making more of 'em.
Eurorack, Hardware, Modular, Studio, DIY
The current Craque Shaque. Turntables, ESQ-1, eurorack modular and lots of DIY, pedals and guitars and shit. studio hardware eurorack modular diy
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craque: Yep I have a pair of Behringer Truth B2031's and a modest "computer speaker sub" to round out the sound.
skab: Nice! Do you jackue in the Craque Shaque?
Iololike: wow, that is fabulous