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Prolific hip-hop producer Mike Dean made a special trip to the Moog Factory to experience a build of the limited-run Minimoog Model D before it was gone. Watch Mike Dean set up shop on the Minimoog production line to craft a completely new track: Three Jewels.

To get your own Minimoog Model D before they are all gone, contact your local Moog Dealer (http://www.moogmusic.com/dealers)

"Three Jewels" Credits:
Artist - Mike Dean
Writer - Mike Dean
Publisher - Warner Chappel / Pappa George Music BMI
Recording and tech support - Trent Thompson, Kez Khou, and Jess Jackson at the Moog Music Factory, Asheville, NC
Mixed by - Mike Dean at Dean's List House Of Hits, Studio City, CA
Minimoog Model D - Mike Dean
Art - Louise Donegan
Art Layout - Jess Jackson

304 Jun 2017 Youtube

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