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In this video, we take you through an in-depth exploration of the control voltage features of the MPC X. Learn how to set up a CV track, configure the 8 CV outputs, use a MIDI controller with your CV-controllable gear, and record a sequence. We start with a basic "east coast" patch and move on to some more esoteric examples. After all, everyone builds modular systems to suit their own tastes in workflow and sonic goals.

When combining the CV features with the MPC X's MIDI sequencing, sampling and audio track recording capabilities, it's easy to see that the MPC X is the most powerful standalone hub for your studio on the planet.

Learn more about the X, visit:

Special thanks to Lightbath for providing his tracks "Evolution of Light" and "New Beginnings"

YouTube: Youtube
Instagram: @__lightbath
Twitter: @lightbath
Facebook: lightbathlightbath
Bandcamp: Bandcamp
Website: Lightbath

347 Mar 2018 Youtube

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