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In this product overview video, we introduce you to the hardware and software features that make up the new MPC Live. Portable, powerful and fully standalone, the MPC Live is set to stoke the creative fire of producers and performers worldwide.

For more on the MPC Live, visit:

For more on the next generation of MPC, visit: Akaipro

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3 1528 May 2017 Youtube


tylth avatar

unsually not gearlusting but this. i. want. perfect solution for on-the-go beat making!

May 2017
bogdan avatar

@tylth: how do you go about NOT gearlusting? Some kind of willpower! I was looking into this but was disappointed they left out the CV, which the bigger (and much more expensive) brother MPC X has. Alas, there's the Arturia BSP.

Anyway, I digress. Curious what you fancy about this box?

May 2017
tylth avatar

wouldn't know what to address with CV, so this isn't a dealbreaker for me. i like the ability to install an SSD full with gigabytes of samples, the touchscreen and the build-in battery (curious for how long it does last). don't forget the wonderful RGB colors, of course 😀

May 2017
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