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Max Richter is an award-winning composer, producer, remixer and collaborator. His music effortlessly blends the minimalist aesthetic of classical composers of the early 1960s with modern electronics and eclectic influences.

Native Instruments caught up with him on his "From Sleep" tour to find out how he combines cutting edge digital tools with traditional orchestral instrumentation to create his signature sound.

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All music by Max Richter:

Fragment from "Songs from Before"
Untitled (Figures) from "Memoryhouse"
Organum from "The Blue Notebooks"
Dream 13 (minus even) from "From Sleep"
CascadeNW By W from "24 Postcards in Full Colour"

Music used with kind permission of:

Deutsche Grammophon GmbH
Mute Song Limited
Imagem Music
BBC Worldwide

Additional photos provided by Mike Terry and Matrixsynth (http://www.matrixsynth.com).

With thanks to the Barbican Centre and the Corporation of London.
Max Richter: Composing with new colors - Youtube
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n9 27
Max Richter's Sleep is my favorite record of the last couple years. I had to go pretty out of my way to get my hands on the full 8 hour version but it was completely worth it. His vocal and piano composition and treatments are so subtle and intimate that it really feels like they work on my psychology. My son (1 year old) wakes up so early that it is often still dark and I try to keep him quiet in our little house so that my wife can sleep... what I do more often than not is put this on and he and I will play for hours in silence, listening to the music.

Nils Frahm, Max Richter, Olfaur Arnalds and Johan Johansson are all "classical" composers who are deep into the electronic music idiom. It's a wild time that reminds me of 1990-1993 when Aphex Twin's ambient material was coming out and sounded both so assured and resonant and wasn't really like anything that anyone had heard.

Thanks for putting this up, NI! I use Una Corda every day!
February 2017

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