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Omar Hakim is a musician widely regarded amongst his peers for his knowledge, versatility, and unique groove. When those peers happen to be David Bowie, Madonna, Miles Davis, and Bruce Springsteen - you know that he's the real deal.

We sat down with the legendary sticksman to talk about his star-studded collaborations, missing out on becoming a member of Chic, and being one of the world's best human drummers when drum machines infiltrated the industry.

Chapter 1 - Early years and missing his chance to join Chic
Chapter 2 - Getting the call to work on David Bowie's "Let's Dance" (02:13)
Chapter 3 - Riding the rise of drum machines in the 80s (04:00)
Chapter 4 - Daft Punk make a surprising request (06:10)
Chapter 5 - Capturing his unique sound with The Loop Loft (07:42)

Now Hakim has teamed up with boutique sample studio The Loop Loft to bring his distinctive style into your studio. Each loop, fill, and breakdown was crafted to make you feel like you're in the room with him as he plays - giving your tracks an intimate, human touch, that a computer can't recreate.

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143 Oct 2018 Youtube

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