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In this video, we teach you how to use Neutron 2. iZotope Product Specialist Geoff Manchester walks you through using the new Gate with Hysteresis, enhancing your guitars with Soft Saturation, solving low-end issues with the Masking Meter, using the Visual Mixer and Mix Tap. We finish by exploring Tonal Balance Control to achieve a great mix that translates across listening platforms.

Tutorial Content:

00:36 - Cleaning snares with the Gate in Neutron 2
3:04 - Mixing a Lead Vocal with Track Assistant
7:48 - Enhancing guitars with analogue-inspired Soft Saturation
9:22 - Unmasking the low end of your mix with the Masking Meter
16:15 - Visualizing your mix with the Visual Mixer
17:17 - How to use Mix Tap
22:43 - Using Tonal Balance Control to ensure great mix translation

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436 Oct 2017 Youtube

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