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After work I took the M to get to my studio to pay rent late, had a beer and played a new game on my phone, which I hate the sound of but it is addicting. Ran back to the M to catch Isa Lopez play at Tammany Hall in the east village and meet Jess there. Short set and chill, good to meet their crew. Jess and I walked to a bar called "No Fun" and had a drink. It was fun until we talked about rent and deposits. It's not like we didn't still have fun tho. Those conversations are for real. She got in a cab. I found an old dusty sear tube amplifier on the street on the way back the the M train. Carried it there after a brief stop in McDonalds to piss. Waiting for the subway and inspecting the tubes, this guy played some perfect sound track to the night.

830 Feb 2014 Youtube

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