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Controller, Hardware, The, RicardoVillalobos, InstrumentsRings

Controller, Hardware, The, Ricardo Villalobos, Instruments Rings

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Alligatorclip, Bananajack, Diykit, Rollz5, Pcb

new version #pcb of @ciat_lonbarde #rollz5 / 2mm thick / ig finishvertical mount audio / dc jacks and tube #bananajack that accepts #alligatorclip pin sockets on rollz for easy hairy cap replacement.jacks supplied with pcb as partial #diykit @modularad - Instagram

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Student, Led, Pcb

#student work : DIY #pcb touch pads triggering ice cracking samples and manipulating effectors, with #led + optical strips visual feedback on the cracks.renders + actual unit + diy speakersdesigned and built by Zhang Shiyuan / Shao Zitong / Chen Tianyi - Instagram

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Musicalinstrume, Experimental, College, Student, Synth

#student work : "" (Praise of Winter)a single rotary control making various connections on the handmade #pcb panel, triggering samples.designed and built by @sabrinaxhj / Yu Kaixing / Li Ruoyu / Wang Zitong#experimental#musicalinstrument#synth#colleg - Instagram

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