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Controller, Hardware, The, RicardoVillalobos, InstrumentsRings

Controller, Hardware, The, Ricardo Villalobos, Instruments Rings

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Madeinpolyend, Percpro

Our second production batch of PERC PRO has been sold. Thank you so much! We are overwhelmed.We are starting with the third batch of production immediately. You can pre-order your PERC PRO set from our website. All orders from the third batch will be ship - Instagram

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Drummingmachine, Madeinpolyend, Drummachine, Percpro

PERC PRO sets packed and ready to go Tomorrow we'll release one more Christmas Discount Code in our Newsletter. Last chance to sign-up and get the best price for PERC PRO set. Link in bio. #percpro #madeinpolyend #drummingmachine #drummachine - Instagram

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Drummingmachine, Madeinpolyend, Drummachine, Drumming, Percpro

PERC PRO Kits include PERC Controller, PERC Balls (beaters), dedicated mounts and cables. With one controller you can operate up to three beaters. Controllers can be connected together. #percpro #madeinpolyend #drumming #drummachine #drummingmachine - Instagram

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