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software Plugin SMROM is a rompler based on the sound of the Sega Master System video game console. It contains 45 multi-sampled sounds that can be use in chiptune music productions or to ad a chiptune flavor to other types of tracks. For more info about this plugin:
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There are joyful rabbit holes, like the kind where you can spend hours discovering a new genre of music. On the flipside, there are the kind that have you ripping your hair out trying to find a solution to a problem, which yields yet more problems and searching. In the interest of potentially saving someone else from a similar fate, I'm posting my findings about a particular issue regarding the Reaktor Player 6 (64bit) not showing up as a plugin in Ableton Live.
Error Message "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing" when launching an NI application - Native instrume
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listening Track Welcome back everyone. We've all grown up. I think I have too. I made a track last night all on my own. It features the "Little Alterboy" plugin by soundtoys. I fucking love that plugin. I just recently found out I can control it with midi. The beat is also me on drums, recorded with two over head mics, a sm57 on snare and a condenser on the bass with a blanket over it. mixed real time and fed through the SP303 on the vinyl effect, cut to time in ableton and then fucked by ye ole Live cut plugin. Watcha think?
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TomPhonic: Thanks gorf!
AndrewBrewer: Beat is tight!
flies: Nice chill feeling. Very spacious mix. Reminds me of mid 90's "intelligent dnb", but with some more modern touches.The drums could use some distortion or an enhancer or something (gated reverb?) - they seem to need more thwack. I'd also suggest that the bass could be more syncopated.
Curved Horizon. This is from a collection of piano and guitar based pieces that I've been working on. I spent a lot of time here re-creating the Eno "Shimmer" sound with feedback loops, reverb and the Eventide H910 plugin. You might remember Ohler from the old (old-old?) em411. All our work is up on the same soundcloud account as this one if you wanna check that out, too. listening Track
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kidko: I do remember Ohler! Hiii. Nice piece. I like the fuzziness
implexgrace: i still hold hello mr. ohler in the highest regard, robb
Juice: beautiful pieces dude. absolutely lovely
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