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Wanna Do A Remix ?

I've been working together with a buddy on music. Track by track we've developed an album. I would place it as an afterhour chill-out product. It hasn't found a home yet, but we're in no hurry.

Currently we're contacting talented artists in our sphere to inquire about a remix.

Here's a link for the stems of our track "Freeze"


"freeze.wav" is the whole mixdown to get a feel for the track.

So, if anyone wants to work some madness over it, we'd be delighted!

Creative-wise there are no limitations
3 279 January 2017


TomPhonic avatar
Download link didn't load. do you have a streaming version so I can check it out before dl?
January 2017
tylth avatar
tylth 18
here are links to the stems and the original track, hope it works!





there's still time to da a remix, guys! feel free to check out the links.
February 2017

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