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"Netherlands-based Acid purveyors 030303 hand a debut release to Norwegian producer Retape who in turn presents a lush seven-track EP entitled Signals On The Double. Joining the dots between electro, acid-house and further-reaching IDM textures Retape's sound traverses from the sweeping analogue opener 'Signals On The Double' to the razor-sharp Drexciya-esque 'Coir' and tougher acid jack on 'ENM'. On the flip 'Rotation' soundtracks more cinematic sci-fi territory followed by two more slices of melodic, acid-tinged electro with 'Moving Down' and 'Feber'."

Music by Retape
Art by Merijn Hos
Released on 030303 Records as a red 12"


527 Mar 2018 Youtube

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