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"second various artists ep with few selections of personal favorite old (and new) artists discovered. really eclectic and fine sounding idm, electro and braindance from robyrt hecht & xy0815, tysk raider, omni causa, nachtzug, retape and j. wiltshire.

for the beginning of a few inner (east) german collabos we're proud to work with robyrt hecht & xy0815 from leipzig.. they deliver a common work as a result of a late summer session. it was the first transmission and it nailed our idea of electro with a brainy twist right away.
tysk raider is one favorite this year as well and his track is an outtake of the tracks he sent us, a split ep with his tunes on one and lithium flux on the other side, will appear march '18.
robbyrt hecht's brother norman is also a musician and with his friend stephan he forms nachtzug, they will appear on an album on mindcolormusic this year's summer, these are recorded sessions developed through love of music and routined jamming with friends for ages. they know what they do and still learn it again at each stage.
also first feature on micomu for retape and j.wiltshire. as fans of electro with nerdy idm / braindance touch you can't fault on these two, super hexagon from jacob is a constantly growing platform for his works as well as collabs with alma construct for example.
retape has been quiet for a few years you might think but if you follow him on sc you'd see he's as productive as always, creating pure and direct, super versatile jam trax that always fixate his idea of music to a different level.
this is an outtake of his last ep he self-released on bandcamp."



546 Apr 2018 Youtube

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