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Track previews of Russian Corvette RC-707. Purchase album here:


Released in 1984, the Roland TR-707 drum machine featured 15 digital sounds sampled at 12 bits while offering external sync to other gear with MIDI and DIN sync. Using the TR-707 as a pivotal piece, this collection of tracks on various hardware-based studio setups centered around the TR-707 in combination with other bits of (mostly newer) hardware and effects.
Tracks such as Aniquity Acid and Ikutaro Kakehashi were made in classic studio fashion using lots of overdubs while other tracks like Rocket Squelch and Spring Rain Jam were recorded live on minimalist setups. Some tracks have taken a more experimental approach. The track Boeing 707 uses nothing but TR-707 sounds - all melodic parts in the song are drum sounds tuned to pitch in external samplers and triggered as new instruments via midi. Most tracks were made on different setups using other synthesizers and drum machines running along the TR-707.
This album is meant as an homage to old Roland Rhythm Composers and innovators of machinery more than a purist 707 endeavour. Lots of fun was had making this album. Enjoy RC-707.

803 Jul 2017 Youtube

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