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Electronica, Netherlands, Breakbeats, Synths, Redux Bdciucbe - Jam - Soundcloud
Have been creating pads & what not in Renoise's instrument editor lately using hand-drawn single-cycle waveforms and the modulation + native fx routings. This is a jam with a bunch of such instruments on top of processed fieldrecordings.
Glitch, Lofi, Cdp, Dsp, Idm Little Left - Soundcloud
Started of as another 2 note arrangement exercise kind of thing like submissions from a couple weeks before, using only two notes on an electric guitar this time, processing the recordings with cdp/vst and creating some kind of random structure in Renoise to process moar after rendering. Eventually also layered some lofi fieldrecordings of a rain storm, recorded with a minicassette memo recorder & a Sony TCM 459V's internal mic's. There's not much to hold onto, but thought to share nevertheless .
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