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MixitChallenge, Browser, Desktop, FRUMyzb, Server MixitChallenge, Browser, Desktop, F RUMyzb, Server
Years ago, EM411 hosted the Mixit Challenge. After a few changes in management and location, participation in the challenge faded out and the last host closed his website. Now, using the Discord chat client, I'd like to revive the challenge.
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karlozfandango: Coooooolll the return of mixit ❤❤❤😀😀❤❤❤
zfigz: ou, neato! will join!
Soundcloud, Anytime, Desktop, Youtube, Tweaks
A new update with more improvements! Too many little tweaks and fixes for desktop and mobile and the engine underneath to note them all. However, I've started doing social media integration. In essence, anytime you post something on one of the supported integrations, it will appear on here too. For example, if you have added a link to your Soundcloud or Youtube (Bandcamp and others coming soon) you will see a story automatically generated. If you haven't done so, feel free to add a social link to your networks, give it ~10 minutes to do its magic and things should sync up. Let me know on here / via email if you have any issues or suggestions.
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Jonas78: I posted a track on my soundcloud page this afternoon, so if I understand correctly a new post would have been added on this site automatically? Have added the social links in the preferences here a while ago...
Listening, Chattanooga, Bandcamp, Chatting, Desktop Listening, Chattanooga, Bandcamp, Chatting, Desktop
listening this new launch got me feeling a bit nostalgic. i also realized it's been almost exactly ten years since i met j-chot irl after chatting on em411 for a long time. i packed my desktop and crt up and drove to chattanooga to play my first show and selling copies of my first demo for $1. i somehow managed to find a cdr copy and ripped it and threw it up on bandcamp so here it is in all of its horribly inconsistent and unmastered glory!
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JohnVerchot: https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=gmryoUSXazg oh, would you look at that. . . . .
Juice: @johnverchot yeah. . . i thought about linking that but i couldn't bear too. so thanks ; pi did spend the last part of my work day going through your youtube channel though. the cooking episode is a classic.
Walkthrough, Sequencer, Desktop, Sampler, Groove Novation // Circuit 1.3 - Working with Sample Flip - Youtube
Novation's Olly Burke breaks down how to use the powerful new Sample Flip feature available in the Circuit 1.3 firmware update. All of the sounds used in the video are available for free to all owners of registered Novation instruments. if you're a registered Circuit owner check your account, you'll find 4GB of Loopmasters content that you can use to create your own Circuit Samplesets.