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Software, Webaudio, Helloim, Interface, Sequencer

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Retape avatar ASDF is dope! Looking forward to trying out more of 'em at home.
TomPhonic avatar hey bamboo, welcome back! I think I was just getting aquainted with em411 around that time too. I got you followed o n soundcloud. nice tunes. I'm in NYC too.
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bogdan avatar Nice. I'm often intrigued by the thought of programmatically-generated audio but never actually do it. Do you have any samples online of what this sounds like?
dylan avatar I posted a small piece generated from Bach's Goldberg variations to my SoundCloud account a while back but have since removed it to make way for other tracks (I'm too cheap to buy a paid account, ha).
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Retape avatar I'm not a parent, but I guess Korg Gadget (or something like it) on a phone could work nicely to sketch out ideas, at least, while you're doing other stuff as well (bus, train, toilet, waiting room).
dylan avatar Korg Gadget looks really cool. I could definitely envision some toilet compositions using that. :D