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Eurorack, Hardware, Modular, Studio, DIY
The current Craque Shaque. Turntables, ESQ-1, eurorack modular and lots of DIY, pedals and guitars and shit. studio hardware eurorack modular diy
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craque: Yep I have a pair of Behringer Truth B2031's and a modest "computer speaker sub" to round out the sound.
skab: Nice! Do you jackue in the Craque Shaque?
Iololike: wow, that is fabulous
Hardware, Studio, Antonio, Anyhoo, Canada
ahoy everyone, it's good to be back. lots have change in my neck of woods, now with kiddos + wife + career.
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skab: Hey @zfigz good to see you back. Hope the move goes well! That's a lovely looking studio!
TomPhonic: Damn nice temp studio. do you have any tracks with the blofeld? I've always wanted one of those but haven't really gotten to the youtube explorations on it.
zfigz: yup yup, grassnose.bandcamp.com . everything but braction use the Blofeld. i typically user it for pads, chords and just overall weirdness since it excels ever changing / modulated patches. ps i've always dug your sounds, keep it up!
Studio, Eurorack, Nugget, Polzer, Diego
My name is Kevin Polzer I'm located in San Diego. My goal is to have a wall mounted eurorack gold nugget of a collection. Sold my tb-303, Mc-202, dsi tempest and other gear to start my 12u 84hp rack. Need more. studio
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bogdan: nice, thanks for sharing. It's interesting to me that people are going the route of more hardware vs software. Do you like the PO's? Volca's?
Kmuzpo: Yeah the pocket operators are something i can produce some decent riffs on
Hardware, Studio, Sequencing, Sequencer, Streaming
Hi, my artist name is TREPANIC, names Conor, first ever visit here, will post some things about what I've been up to and how things are developing. Released a 4 track EP on 247House label a month ago called MIND FOLD and is featured on all the major sites, I am a Progressive House/Electronica artist with my own flavour, more to do and release, after moving house a few months ago I have now wired up my studio working space. It is also my home so I am around my creative area most of the time unless otherwise occupied. The only outboard synth I have/use as a creative extension to my work is the Moog Sub 37 which includes the on screen editor too for audio designing and manipulating it in anyway possible. The MAC ME665 is 16 gig ram and I work mainly with Logic Pro X with a huge personal sample library filling up all the time with anything I find interesting sonically. I write and compose, arrange and master all I do. Am here recommended from a friend and because I am open to see a lot of what others do and hope to share information and discuss anything of value to what we all do, TREPANIC studio
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bogdan: hey Trepanic, welcome aboard! Put a track for us to listen to from your SC. Can I ask how you found EM411?
Studio, Sequencing, Sequencer, Streaming, 247House
A mostly current look at the studio, although I have upgraded my audio card to an iConnect Audio4+ recently and added some cameras for Twitch streaming. I work in an all hardware setup and I only use the computer for recording. I am looking to probably get an outboard recorder though at some point. Right now the EMU Command Station is the main sequencer, handling pads, SFX and percussion and sequencing the Blofeld and the EA-1. The Blofeld is used primarily for leads and pads. The Korg EA-1 is running through a Tech 21 Flyrig 5 which adds some nice character to an otherwise sterile sounding synth. There was a period there where I was trying to find a replacement for the EA-1, but the hands on nature of it brought be back to it. Finally, the EM1X handles mono-synth duties, primarily for arpeggiated or acid type lines. It also doubles up for percussion, especially dance or compressed percussion sounds. studio hardware
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Jenoki: very nice! love the posters. what's your twitch channel?
flies: looks lovely! !
DInterplay: Twitch channel is https: //www. twitch. tv/sup909/
Studio, Micro, Micro, 10KM, 10KM
OK I'll bite first! I moved my studio back home after taking a new full time job earlier this year. I had been working out of a space about 10KM away and although the isolation was nice once, I just knew I wasn't going to make it out as often with the new work schedule. I spent a couple months designing a 40U desk and hired a local contractor to build it for me. This is the result. I just need to patch in the Boss Micro Rack units (cables arrived yesterday) and it's 100% complete. This pic is from a couple weeks back. studio
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adcBicycle: nice work! so do those gibraltar racks sort of clamp onto the keyboards then? There's no danger of it slipping off the front stop?
gorf: @adcBicycle They do- There are adjustable and sliding "nubs" on the front and the back of each arm. Unfortunately they are a little too small for the Pro-One so it's not as secure as I'd like, but it works.
implexgrace: i really like the ms2000 and that weird little e-mu box the most. those are a treat to see.