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Listening, Technique, Hardware, Visuals, Synth
Mucking about with a Go Pro next to Loch Lomond.
untitled - Youtube
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dubchieftain: Nice vibe! I live not too far away from here.
bogdan: hey, I get a weird security error when attempting to visit your Aleccheer site. Is this some Scottish tomfoolery?
reehc: @dubchieftain thanks, wow lucky! @bogdan fixed the link, no tomfoolery just scottish internet stupidity! (I haven't made my site secure yet)
Teenageengineer, Hardware, Synth, September, An4log
teenage engineering have really come up with something that seems truly unique among the sea of modules and an4log re-releases coming out of namm. op-z out in september.
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bogdan: woops, updated, thank you @Juice.
skab: I agree - it looks amazing. I'm very excited to see what in can do. The fact that it can integrate with Unity and sequence DMX lighting channels sets it apart from everything else on the market. The sequencing options look intriguing!
prugelknaben: OOooh! Looks great! And hahaha! Nannyfilter!
Microbrute, Armhair, Arturia, Entropy, Modular
Pointed a camera at my studio when recording my latest track. Kinda fun, but weird. Actually recorded a video of making the thing from start to end, but it ended up having no sound. Oh well! Next time...
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murcy: nice man. Sounds like you're having fun. Got more?
Retape: Not yet! Planning on making more of 'em.
recorded a few songs the other day.hardware Synth technique Performance listening Track i picked up a tascam 414 for $25 the other day. it was in perfect condition. recorded a few acid jams to it live. then did a mix down to a tascam dr-05 to get that grittiness. i liked the results. setup: tr-606, tr-707, tt-303, tt-303, boss rv-5x2, ehx memory toy delay, proco rat.
Mutableinstruments, Electronica, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Ontario
listening Track Yay em411 is back! I posted this to Soundcloud a couple days back: Started this one about a month ago when the new home studio was 95% complete. The base of this track was recorded from the first hardware test. This track mainly features: iPad running B-Step Sequencer Pro > Eurorack Modular(mainly Mutable Instrument's Rings and Clouds modules) Elektron Analog Keys Elektron Octatrack Korg MS2000 Takamine EG523SC guitar
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gorf: Eek - sorry for the poor formatting!
Synth, DIY, Yamaha, YM2149
Yamaha YM2149 Open source synthesizer. hardware Synth software Programming diy Publish
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Juice: are there any demos of this synth available? did i just miss them on the linked site? looks nice!
trash80: Yeah there are a few videos on my facebook page. No real demos yet. Project is on temp hold while I get ready for a few gigs. https: //www. facebook. com/trash80/videos/vb. 755508422/10154102652428423
dylan: Sounds awesome. I would really like to do a similar project with the YM2612, though I imagine there must be a few of those projects out there already.