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Here's a live-looping tutorial for the Bastl Instruments THYME tape delay. MORE INFO BELOW


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In this video I'm showing how to use the THYME's freeze feature to create tape loops, overdub effects onto them and punch-in new audio, all while the THYME is running synced to an analog clock form the LepLoop Arpopone, which also provides a little beat.

The THYME's freeze knob will record incoming audio to the virtual tape loop for the length of the delay time parameter (coarse and fine knobs). If you enable sync, then this will be a length quantized to the clock, i.e. it should loop in sync with the beat. When freeze mode is on, the levels knob will blend in the extra tape heads (spread knob) and when you turn it past 50%, then it will actually overdub those sounds onto the tape loop. You can use this in combination with the filter cutoff as well to record filter sweeps onto the loop.

By quickly disabling and enabling the freeze mode in time with the beat, you can punch-in (overwrite) external audio again, splitting up your loop. Add pitch shifting from the tape speed knob and you've got awesome possibilities for creating fun loops!

... and then try out the plenty of automation and sequencing features of the THYME too. It's wild! Of course you don't have to be 100% wet on the output like in this video, so you can still mix in non-looping external audio too! Hahahaha!!!

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Thyme manual:


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Filmed with an iPhone SE.

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