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Following on from 'Magic Torus', I've again attempted to use each of the Evolver oscillators as individual voices for this fairly slow-burning, progressive track (mainly for some tasty phased ostinatos). I'm trying to wring the most out my simple hardware setup in an attempt to avoid maximal VSTi sprawl (trying to rein-in my production a bit).

Being a mono synth, I had to use sysex to tune the bass osc separately from the others, which was a bit fiddly. As this means the bass ends up being panned over to hard left, I doubled it up with a simple bass sound from Diva towards the end to balance the panning. Cheated a bit, but it would sound a bit odd with the bass coming solely from the left (in retrospect, I could have used one of the oscs that was panned closer to centre -- the Evolver has five fixed panning options for the oscs. Oh well).

A distant Micro Q melody joins the Evolver about halfway through, buried in mono and swamped with tape delay.

Photo by Even Westvang (cc)

8272 Jul 2013 Soundcloud

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