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I dreamt last night that I was on a hunt for a treasure but I didn't know what it was. I found the stash after some barely directions. It was a boot! Immediately after I grabbed it from a roadside in Kansas a limousine pulled up and snatched me. There was a very demanding woman inside saying I gotta sign some papers to give her rights to the boot. Apparently it was a stash of Bootsy Collins drugs and no one ever had it it besides him. Weird dreamness and then she put it in a weed killer sprayer bucket and sprayed it on me. It was pins and needles to my skin then sparks to my nervous system then colors to my face then involuntary actions of total funky ass wtf never felt so damn great. I could feel the people outside the realm and knew they didn't understand. I granted them benefit and we all laughed and made the best music ever. Then I woke up. Now I think tripping your ass off in your own mind is so much better than any substance I've ever experimented with.

660 Jul 2017 Instagram

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