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Analogue, Listening, Technique, Track, Laptop ➰ - Soundcloud
What's a one-night track? The infinite options with modern laptop music production don't pair well with perfectionist tendencies, in my experience. Hours spent agonizing over details sap away the emotional rush of a beautiful melody. So as a new training regimen, I'm forcing myself to complete some portion of songs in a single sitting. These are necessarily simple technical compositions, and simplicity can be rewarding. Trust your ears and stay humble. 3 tracks, modest post-processing.
Casio, Listening, Promote, Track, Diy Woodland Folk Ritual - Soundcloud
I used to be 'monty' here.
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dubchieftain: We live in a small forest so we are surrounded by birds, particularly wood pigeons and have been making field recordings of them. The thing about this track its actually a sample from a bird song LP. I dropped the needle at a random point in the record and got the wood pigeon :)
reehc: sounds great, trumpet and pigeon perfect together
Listening, Technique, Hardware, Visuals, Synth untitled - Youtube
Mucking about with a Go Pro next to Loch Lomond.
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bogdan: hey, I get a weird security error when attempting to visit your Aleccheer site. Is this some Scottish tomfoolery?
reehc: @dubchieftain thanks, wow lucky! @bogdan fixed the link, no tomfoolery just scottish internet stupidity! (I haven't made my site secure yet)
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TomPhonic: I'm enjoying the first linked song. It has a monster lurking kinda vibe.
nicknotis: I love both of these releases Ignatius, start to finish. Can you talk a little about what you had to do to replace the prior files? I've never had to do that before, but always feared that it wouldn't be possible. I'm glad to learn that it is. Don't bother answering my prior question. I see Bandcamp has a "replace" option for each track. I'm really into Smug Ruins, by the way. The quick attacking instruments contrast marvelously with the slow resonant ones.
Prhizzm, Duophonic, Listening, Minilogue, Track farshore - Soundcloud
Some days, you just need to come home, sit down with a synthesizer and tap out some feelings. A wistful little melody for today: listening Track minilogue duophonic
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exitonly: really like this. theres definitely some BOC vibes in here but then the glides remind me a lot of Planetarium by squarepusher. nonetheless very original and emotive melody!
reehc: Sounds great
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murcy: What's the details behind this? You take an accapela or is this a local act you work with? Nice man.
TomPhonic: @murcy yes local emcee I have been working with. intro is a video sound track I found on instragram and asked permission to use. glad you like it. its more of an in your face type sound Ahh! you should check him out. He has beenn working with some really great producers. Kaotic Rawkus
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