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flies: Hey @skab. I am doing good. Haven't been making too much music lately, but I'll put up a studio pic when I can. These days I'm basically making noise music, so I'm not sure how popular it will be with the em411 crowd.Grad school sucked away a lot of my energy for creative projects, and now I have a "real job" and stuff, so, yeah. But yno, I like this job (bioinformatics) and am doing very well in life outside of art-making. Howbowchu?
skab: @flies Good to hear from you! Looking forward to a studio pic. I'm not a huge fan of noise music myself, but I've been to plenty of noise events in Tokyo over the years and the people I meet there are by far the nicest of all the genres of music. I just looked bioinformatics up on wikipedia -it seems really fascinating! I'm a full time middle manager desk jockey now. The thrills!! Money to buy gear but no time to use it, etc etc.