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2012 Drone Droney Itstape Listening Muzak PowerAmbient Tapehiss Vaporwave Bandcamp
Buchla, Drone, Em411, Listening, Ambient
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mookid: Playlist of entire EP, here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvOFMvlDggPzB38Tqd22te1uXdEOXmbQn
bogdan: nice @mookid! Grats on the release. I'm enjoying the atonality that resolves itself. Pleasant. Planning to try and get this out anywhere or perform with it or...?
soft: Nice work man.
Ambientmusic, Modularsynth, Resonantbody, Synthesizer, Contactmic
Improvising, Ambient, Grooves, Playing, Stocker
Ambient Set - So my band Stocker / Eyes are playing live again. We are unconciously writing new stuff. Our writing process is just improvising around motifs and themes. I like that we don't have songs, just grooves and patterns. So this live set represents the new stuff we are doing. Hopefully will get recorded sometime this year and properly released. But this is the early stage of that process.
Listening, Ambient, Compilations, Bandcamp
First track of my new album up on Bandcamp. Been four years since the last album. This opening track is a nice ambient piece that was also featured on one of the Ambient Collective compilations. listening Track
Ambient, Droning
Well, this is nice. Still doing that beatless droning stuff, although a lot less noisy at the moment.
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bogdan: nice! This is very pleasant.
n9: it is pretty wild that the internet decided that SAWII is related. nice stuff!
applaud: When you said SAWII my first thought was the movie and that wasn't the mood I was after!
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