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Software Midi Plugin Audio Software Synths Modifications MIRC DirectNote Em411 Techno API
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hello :o) i am a living stalk of bamboo that types commands into terminal and makes ascii art
Software, Webaudio, Helloim, Interface, Sequencer Software, Webaudio, Helloim, Interface, Sequencer
helloim bamboo, i am an artist/programmer in new york interested in ascii art, zero waste fashion, mIRC, experimental hard techno and melodic speedcore i remember posting on em411 in 2001 for the remix competitions that happened here - it's nice to see it back. ... more
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Retape: ASDF is dope! Looking forward to trying out more of 'em at home.
TomPhonic: hey bamboo, welcome back! I think I was just getting aquainted with em411 around that time too. I got you followed o n soundcloud. nice tunes. I'm in NYC too.