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Another useful update just hit the server, regarding the addition of automated news sources.
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Retape: Sonicstate could also be a relevant feed her: https://www.youtube.com/user/sonicstate
bogdan: Added, thank you, Retape.
A new update with more improvements! Too many little tweaks and fixes for desktop and mobile and the engine underneath to note them all. However, I've started doing social media integration. In essence, anytime you post something on one of the supported integrations, it will appear on here too. For example, if you have added a link to your Soundcloud or Youtube (Bandcamp and others coming soon) you will see a story automatically generated. If you haven't done so, feel free to add a social link to your networks, give it ~10 minutes to do its magic and things should sync up. Let me know on here / via email if you have any issues or suggestions.
Jonas78: I posted a track on my soundcloud page this afternoon, so if I understand correctly a new post would have been added on this site automatically? Have added the social links in the preferences here a while ago...
4 mixes
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tylth: 20 15 needs some kernin'
AndrewBrewer: awesome! bringing the realness back!
Bendish: Bogdan...any chance of a buy whole catalogue deal on bc?
Major site update time! I've updated the front page to show latest comments, added a cover photo option to profile pages and team pages. The site has been updated considerably for mobile too, have a look on your smartphone. Also, uploading images has been revamped considerably to make it much easier. Tons of other little bug fixes and updates abound.
LeoMANXVII: Cool sir. Very cool.
dylan: Yay, the #nav-member list options work for me now! ;)
Axoloti, Tinkering, Noodling
Just found out about the Axoloti "patcher" which connects hardware and software for noodling and tinkering - thank you @dylan! Any of you use one?
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LeoMANXVII: No, but I'd like to check it out in action.
jdt79: Yep it's awesome. Check out the after market interface. https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/axoc/
murcy: Niice hardware man.
Who here has heard Ital Tek's Hollowed? Thoughts?
Juice: i haven't heard of it. is it worth hearing about?
Jonas78: skimmed through it because of this thread, but hotdamn don't have time to proper listen with all this christmas humbug. From what I can gather, proper bass music innit?
Sequencer, TimExile, PWYC
Tim Exile just released an algorithmic loop sequencer for Realtor with over a gig of loops. PWYC but support!
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Jonas78: Interesting, Tim exile is a beast, never heard of realtor though ;-)
bogdan: @Jonas78: google it, I prefer it over Raisin by Propellerheads.
Kickstarter, Intriguing, TheYowler, Roberto, Jordan
I really enjoy another one of Roberto D Jordan's creations, so his latest Kickstarter for The Yowler is quite intriguing and fun-looking, and at a nice price too. Have a look and support if you're curious. Lmk if you know of other fun indie projects like this.
dylan: Hey Bogdan, have you heard of the Axoloti platform? I was looking at this a while back: http://www.axoloti.com/
bogdan: @dylan: news to me! This looks awesome, tyvm for sharing.
Still on the hunt for a new ~8 channel Mixer. Ideally I'm hoping to find something with a digital interface (Firewire even, or USB), but I'm dropping the FX criteria as it's really not that important. I'd also like to find something that's not so old, as I worry about warranty. Any recommendations please?
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quip: I love Yamaha MG mixers. They are built well, sound pretty good. EQ and Aux Sends work well. The pre-amps arent noisey they aren't light (good) and relatively easy to fix. I have three knocking around MG12/4 is decent.
jp: soundcraft!
AppleMusic, LMPzuRWoNgE, RolandTR808, December, Roland
Roland TR-808 documentary coming out December 9!
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Juice: had me up until "only on apple music"
bogdan: *sighkr* wtf is that shit. It's like a pissing contest with all these different content providers. Get your shit together guys!
4TH, LondonEssentialMix, TheFutureSound, Listening, December
Listening to The Future Sound Of London Essential Mix from December 1993.
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skab: I love me some FSOL!
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Curious what you all think about the seemingly inevitable over-complexification of audio software? I remember being drawn initially to Reason very early on because it was fresh yet somewhat limited. Then came v8 and 9 and it's become a completely more complex beast.
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Jonas78: @bogdan "When I look at software like trackers, there really wasn't any inevitable progression." Not sure about that one if you look at the evolution of 'event list' kind of trackers on the c64 to protracker/octamed etc on the Amiga to fasttracker/impulsetracker/Buzz etc on the pc to what we have now in Renoise. The basis of placing events in vertical time is still the same, but features and complexity have definitely increased. Moar options the better imo, the user has to find his own workflow. For example I've never used groups, hardly use send channels, can't code scripts, just recently started using phrases (which are patterns that can be triggered from withing instruments), just cause it is there, doesn't mean you have to use it.
n9: If anyone wants a Reason 8 license with a very large collection of REs, contact me -- I'll let it go for a good price. [email protected]
zyxt: I just purchased a Squarp Pyramid to get away from the complexity of software in general. I love the idea of infinite possibilities that DAW's and plug-ins bring, but I do find that same idea overwhelming at times.
Howdy folks! Just updated the site with lots of little bug fixes and tweaks, most of which aren't visible. IE, you can now add links on your profile to any site you like, bandcamp, etc.
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n9: The site is so nice to use, man. Thanks very much for all the work!
TomPhonic: Its great being back here again. I would love having all our old stuff back. Do you have anything backed up before 2006?
bogdan: @tomphonic: PERHAPS somewhere... but I'd have to do some serious digging. It takes a conscious effort to keep moving old data on to new media as they come out (ie, CDR -> HD). I won't even bother showing my age by mentioning JAZ / ZIP drives... ok, I couldn't resist.
Techno, EDM, Mixes, Mix4
It's been about a year and a half since I released Mix4. Would love to hear all of your mixes so to get the ball going here's mine.
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Juice: mixes 3 & 4 were excellent. served as riding soundtracks for my commutes for a good long while. never done a mix myself but definitely thought about it in the past. have some ideas i'd like to put into action. one day...
What's your MUST have studio tool? A mixer, synth, plug-in, etc... Myself, I'd have to say my Denon AH-D5000 headphones. It's like being buried in a cocoon of sound. Highly recommended if you ever see them in a shop (or their successors).
zfigz: @bogdan for one, it can control 6 channels of midi. it's also super simple to use once you've wrapped your head around it's different ways of routing things / inputting different triggers (amp, filter, and Lego). it can be very modular like with its array of routing sound. you can also multitrack each instrument/machine it's playing. at this point, one of the biggest things it has going for it is i know how to use it thru N thru :-)
Retape: I have a lot of synths, modular stuff, drum machines etc in my studio, but in a desert island situation it would definitely be computer + headphones. The rest of my stuff I consider a luxury.
n9: My 88 key weighted controller (a Casio Privia 150 which is good and cheap) and my 1967 Fender Jazzmaster are essential.As for software, I don't think that I could do a lot of what I do without Live. The way that you can patch things together in the mixer works very well where a lot of DAWs do not, the Looper plugin is perfect and has the ability to insert effects in the feedback loop, which is key.Aside from that I feel real connection to Echoboy and Decapitator from SoundToys, the FET compressor from Softube, the H910 for detuning and reaktor's (freaking ancient, like 15+ years old) 6-Rev reverb ensemble.
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