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EurorackLink, Modularsynth, Modular Sneak a peek into Pittsburgh Modular's wonderful work [email protected]#modular #modularsynth #eurorackLink in bio / - Instagram
Sneak a peek into Pittsburgh Modular's wonderful work warehouse!@pghmodularmodular modularsynth eurorackLink in bio / Modularsynth
Pittsburgh, Making, Knobs Pittsburgh, Making, Knobs
I interviewed Pittsburgh Modular about some of the challenges of making modules and the scene in Pittsburgh. Feast your eyes on the company's awesome space, beautiful panel designs and selection of knobs.
NativeInstrumen, AbletonLive, WindowsUpdates, ProgramData, Microsoft Error Message "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing" when launching an NI application - Native instrume
There are joyful rabbit holes, like the kind where you can spend hours discovering a new genre of music. On the flipside, there are the kind that have you ripping your hair out trying to find a solution to a problem, which yields yet more problems and searching. In the interest of potentially saving someone else from a similar fate, I'm posting my findings about a particular issue regarding the Reaktor Player 6 (64bit) not showing up as a plugin in Ableton Live.
CymbalCrush, YourWay Pillow Person - On Your Way (Bogdan Raczynski Remix) - Youtube
I remixed @pillowpersonpp's track "On Your Way". Listen and check the video, directed by @isaaceastgate. CymbalCrush
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nicknotis: Great job sculpting this song into something new & interesting - with a lot of nice detail, and and a lot of nice dynamics. I also like the edit of the video they used with your remix. It focuses a lot more on the male hands reaching and grabbing at her hands, which adds a creep factor not as present in the original cut. For me, the mix and the video really gel together, or should I say marshmallow, or whatever that goo is.
bogdan: Thank you for the kind words and review, @nicknotis. :)
Soundcloud, Anytime, Desktop, Youtube, Tweaks
A new update with more improvements! Too many little tweaks and fixes for desktop and mobile and the engine underneath to note them all. However, I've started doing social media integration. In essence, anytime you post something on one of the supported integrations, it will appear on here too. For example, if you have added a link to your Soundcloud or Youtube (Bandcamp and others coming soon) you will see a story automatically generated. If you haven't done so, feel free to add a social link to your networks, give it ~10 minutes to do its magic and things should sync up. Let me know on here / via email if you have any issues or suggestions.
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Jonas78: I posted a track on my soundcloud page this afternoon, so if I understand correctly a new post would have been added on this site automatically? Have added the social links in the preferences here a while ago...
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