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bogdan - #Ableton
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tylth: both! came up with these clips as a weekly series to have something to post on instagram that isn't a bad quality phone recor
bogdan: Woah, what's this?? You did the music? Visual? Both? Respects for the EM411 shout on your SC, cheers :D
reehc: thanks, wow lucky! fixed the link, no tomfoolery just scottish internet stupidity! (I haven't made my
bogdan: hey, I get a weird security error when attempting to visit your Aleccheer site. Is this some Scottish tomfoolery?
dubchieftain: Nice vibe! I live not too far away from here.
tylth: very intruiging device, the effects sound lame though. can i get a discount? i have fifteen instagram subscribers!
Bendish: Very Caribbean steel drum ish
dylan: Bengal looks nutty. I really need to get on the Max for Live train...
volterock: Nice groove
Retape: Operator's the shit. if you want Operator on steroids, try Bengal: https://www.ableton.com/en/packs/bengal/
zyxt: I have not really looked into them but that interface would be nice for a set in a dark club.
dylan: Korg Gadget looks really cool. I could definitely envision some toilet compositions using that. :D
Retape: I'm not a parent, but I guess Korg Gadget (or something like it) on a phone could work nicely to sketch out ideas, at least,
dylan: I can only imagine what raising two kids is like! My kiddo is walking now and getting into everything, so it's ramping up in
zfigz: I feel ya, I'm on baby #2. I didn't make any music the year the first was in his womb, but once he was born, I got back to it
NativeInstrumen, AbletonLive, WindowsUpdates, ProgramData, Microsoft Error Message "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing" when launching an NI application - Native instrume
There are joyful rabbit holes, like the kind where you can spend hours discovering a new genre of music. On the flipside, there are the kind that have you ripping your hair out trying to find a solution to a problem, which yields yet more problems and searching. In the interest of potentially saving someone else from a similar fate, I'm posting my findings about a particular issue regarding the Reaktor Player 6 (64bit) not showing up as a plugin in Ableton Live.