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bogdan - #Audio
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Curious what you all think about the seemingly inevitable over-complexification of audio software? I remember being drawn initially to Reason very early on because it was fresh yet somewhat limited. Then came v8 and 9 and it's become a completely more complex beast.
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Jonas78: @bogdan "When I look at software like trackers, there really wasn't any inevitable progression." Not sure about that one if you look at the evolution of 'event list' kind of trackers on the c64 to protracker/octamed etc on the Amiga to fasttracker/impulsetracker/Buzz etc on the pc to what we have now in Renoise. The basis of placing events in vertical time is still the same, but features and complexity have definitely increased. Moar options the better imo, the user has to find his own workflow. For example I've never used groups, hardly use send channels, can't code scripts, just recently started using phrases (which are patterns that can be triggered from withing instruments), just cause it is there, doesn't mean you have to use it.
n9: If anyone wants a Reason 8 license with a very large collection of REs, contact me -- I'll let it go for a good price. [email protected]
zyxt: I just purchased a Squarp Pyramid to get away from the complexity of software in general. I love the idea of infinite possibilities that DAW's and plug-ins bring, but I do find that same idea overwhelming at times.
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Any of you have a chance to check out the Keith McMillen KMix yet? Curious but I wish it wasn't so bloody expensive!
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zyxt: I have not really looked into them but that interface would be nice for a set in a dark club.
Any thoughts on doing Mixits again? How to structure it / where to post audio bits?
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gorf: I don't think I could commit to a weekly Mixit these days but would love for something to happen on a monthly basis. I like most of what @Juice outlined above. It would also be great if we could archive uploaded samples in an ever-growing repo that could be downloaded at any time, even if the current week/month's collection is all that can be used for the current Mixit.
FiveStepPath: Bring it back, i'm in!
firingbullet: I would be into a monthly. Mixit always kept my creative flow moving forward. The time frame and limited samples to work with made it a great way for a procrastinator like me to actually finish a track !
Reading this stupendous article by Will Drevo on audio fingerprinting (ie Shazam etc).
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mookid: I'm always amazed at how powerful FFT analasys is. Imagine a synth you could play an instrument to for a few minutes and it could create a good likeness in an instant. I know things like the Neuron came close, but with tomorrow's computing power who knows what the limits of possibility are!