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bogdan - #Controller
Listening Midi Controller Plugin Hardware
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Any of you have a chance to check out the Keith McMillen KMix yet? Curious but I wish it wasn't so bloody expensive!
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zyxt: I have not really looked into them but that interface would be nice for a set in a dark club.
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What's everyone make of the Maschine Jam? Does it contain enough Jam for you? hardware Controller
Juice: looks like a good competitor to ableton+push for the price if you're in the market. but as a push owner i didn't really see anything that would incline me to switch or even try it out
karlozfandango: Prefer Maschine Curd
DInterplay: I would agree with Juice. I don't really see it pushing anything new, except if it can work along side the other Maschine hardware simultaneously.