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bogdan - #DAW
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Propellerhead, Beatmaking, Making, Mixing, DAW Propellerhead, Beatmaking, Making, Mixing, DAW
Curious what you all think about the seemingly inevitable over-complexification of audio software? I remember being drawn initially to Reason very early on because it was fresh yet somewhat limited. Then came v8 and 9 and it's become a completely more complex beast.
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n9: If anyone wants a Reason 8 license with a very large collection of REs, contact me -- I'll let it go for a good price. [email protected]
zyxt: I just purchased a Squarp Pyramid to get away from the complexity of software in general. I love the idea of infinite possibilities that DAW's and plug-ins bring, but I do find that same idea overwhelming at times.
Launcher, Berlin, Linux, DAW, OSX Launcher, Berlin, Linux, DAW, OSX
Any of you using Bitwig Studio? Curious to hear some thoughts and reviews.
Jonas78: Have been on vista for a while and the demo didn't work for it, will check again on this new desktop, curious as well. A mate uses it on his linux machine; https://soundcloud.com/missingsense , I would like to try it in combination with redux.
bogdan: thanks for chiming in. Curious to hear your thoughts when you've had some time with it.
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If you have much interest in making electronic music then you've heard of Elektron's lustworthy MonoMachine SFX60 MK2 (MM) and MachineDrum SPS-1 UW MK2 (MD) boxes. You've seen the videos, studied the specs and read quite a number of reviews. These machines aren't cheap but they have a unique sound, have been used widely and offer an endless amount of automation and customization.