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CUCKOO is me taking synths, bleeps, dance and pop to the stage. Original songs in a soundosphere inspired by the sounds of early video games.Come dance with me and check it out
Electronic Music, production, modular, performance
I had a chat with WMD's William Mathewson at Superbooth 2017 about how they're doing. They had a few new modules to show this year that really caught my attention. One is the new Arpitecht module with the Triad expansion. A fun CV apeggiator loaded with scales, melodically driven arpeggios and rhythms, that is just released. The other is a massive 16 track Advanced Trigger Sequencer (work in progress name.)
WMD chat + Arpitecht + Advanced Trigger Sequencer Superbooth 2017 - Youtube
Electronic Music, production, modular, performance
Rob, lead engineer on the Deepmind series from Behringer, was kind enough to walk through the excellent engine, and have a little chat about the system. In the end of the video I'm playing some of the factory patches. The Deepmind 6 is a great 6 poly analog synth, with a warm "mature" sound, at a really great price.. Good stuff!
Deepmind 6 Superbooth2017 - Youtube
Electronic Music, production, modular, performance
Cenk of Elektron had some time to show me the new Digitakt sampler/ drum machine. We went on for a while, but I think important aspects surfaced, so let's keep it long! I decided to label all button presses in the first half of the video, to give you some more insight of how Cenk is manoeuvring the Digitakt. He can be pretty fast sometimes 😆
Digitakt Demo Superbooth 17 - Youtube
Electronic Music, production, modular, performance
The Novation Peak is a new 8-poly synth from Novation that finds itself in the borderland between Digital and Analog with its new Oxford Oscillators. Here's a full length tutorial of how to design sounds with this machine. If you know the Circuit engine, you'll find a lot of similarities. Under the hood though, it's completely different.
Novation Peak Sound Design Tutorial #1 - Youtube
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