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CUCKOO is me taking synths, bleeps, dance and pop to the stage. Original songs in a soundosphere inspired by the sounds of early video games.Come dance with me and check it out
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Electronic Music, production, modular, performance
Hello! I played at Bast-linstruments' monthly Bastl Jam in february of 2017, in the heart of Brno, at the venue Kabinet Muz. What a great night for electronic music! Here's an excerpt of the set, where I'm performing "Friend Song". I'm using just an Octatrack for this song. (The OP-1 on the table is used for an improvised session later in the set.)
Cuckoo Live #FriendSong #Bastljam 2017 february - Youtube
Jamuary 2017 has reached day 28. Here's a jam on the Analog Keys.
#Jamuary2017 jam 28 - Youtube
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bogdan: It's endearing to me that you can see how much use this keyboard gets based on the heatmap-like visible finger-oil-residue on some buttons. Pleasant little ditty.
Juice: cool to see cuckoo on em411. i've often enjoyed your synth tutorials
Jonas78: Nice lil jam, liking the upward modulation-stick hook up to distortion or how'd you call it for the occasional grit, brightness.
Electronica, Cuckoo, Dysch, Solo
Hello, I'm True Cuckoo. A synth -player, -improviser, -tutorial maker, -industry enthusiast from Norway. Here are a few moments throughout my live performances during the years. Melodic electronic music. Often intense. But there's room for chill moments too. If you want to book me, go to
Live Showcase - Booking True Cuckoo - Youtube
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