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Hello. Recently I've had the opportunity to chat with incredible Magnus Lidström, the lead developer at Sonic Charge, creator of Microtonic, Synplant, PO-32 Tonic, the CWO effect in the OP-1, and many other electronic music synth related software.

If you enjoy personal interviews with audio software developer industry talents, this is a must see. I hope you'll find it as inspiring as I did! Thanks Magnus for a great talk, and lots of inspiration!

More about Sonic Charge and all the products mentioned in the video:

Crowdfunding Cuckoo over Patreon:

More about Cuckoo

Cuckoo's store:

Cheers everyone!
Rare Interview w PO-32 Creator Magnus Lidström Sonic Charge - Youtube
2 238 March 10


tylth avatar
transferring patterns from microtonic to the PO without cable; what kind of wizardry is this?!

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