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dug: I think the main idea behind OpenFrameworks is that it allows you to build visual applications that can easily port between Macs and PCs. You still have to write your own code to do what you want to do, but there are a lot of helpful libraries that save you having to write all the plumbing to get you started! There are some libraries for interfacing audio and MIDI commands from input devices which i haven't looked at too deeply yet, but i'd like to get pix to 'respond' to audio signals somehow - i think this might be my next step.
tylth: the results are aesthetically rewarding. i see it as a rorschach excercise of free association.
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TomPhonic: Yea I agree with bogdan. It is also naturally fun as hell to jam out on a beat like this adding, morphing, and removing pieces. Never gets boring for the creator. There is also a special place for the listener, I find it great to listen to when I at the office working and need to concentrate. As always, great in a dirty underground venue.
nicknotis: Agreed. The constantly evolving rhythms and textures in the sound design are classic. When done as well as this, it all sounds fresh. Thanks for sharing dug.
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JohnVerchot: Cosign @zfigz absolutely gets creative juices flowing, come up with a few riffs, then record and arrange on the computer when done.
Jonas78: @bogdan I don't speak meh of hardware in general :) , just not excited for the kick thing for its advertised scope in possibilities. My harddisk is OD'ing with kick sounds anyway ;) .