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#student work : DIY #pcb touch pads triggering ice cracking samples and manipulating effectors, with #led + optical strips visual feedback on the cracks.renders + actual unit + diy speakersdesigned and built by Zhang Shiyuan / Shao Zitong / Chen Tianyi - Instagram

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#Rumburak back in action! It was about time to tidy up my synth corner and rearrange some modules back into my cases Looking forward to some more wood action @bastlinstruments @errorinstrument #modularsynth #synth #woodpanels #synthesizer #modularsynthes - Instagram

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Yeah!!! First #Axoloti project is pretty much complete! The "Conduttrice" light and drum sequencer! It has two analog clock inputs to drive five LEDs to control the #Lumanoise synths or other light-controlled devices. It also has a built in percussion - Instagram

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