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I've been enjoying the hell out of Ignatius' new Smug Ruins EP, and came here to post a link. But alas, he's pulled it from Bandcamp. Perhaps he had an after the fact revelation on how to make it better. I don't know. If he reposts, I recommend checking it out. listening listening Mix
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ignatius: hi :)yeah.. i had the flu when i was uploading/creating release pages etc and a i uploaded the unmastered versions. the release should be back up soon.. hopefully this week. the release pages will be the same and anyone who bought it on band camp will have the release back in their 'collection' automatically. if not then i'll send emails out directly w/a link or something. thanks of listening and the support. glad people are digging it. there will be more ignites and buried in time stuff this year.
nicknotis: Excellent. Did JDG handle the mastering duties?
ignatius: @nicknotis - yeah.. he did.. but the files i uploaded weren't mastered ;) i should have the mastered version soon.
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Some days, you just need to come home, sit down with a synthesizer and tap out some feelings. A wistful little melody for today: listening Track minilogue duophonic
farshore - Soundcloud
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bogdan: can't stop listening to that track. It's like a palate cleanser.
Ochre: Lovely stuff.
exitonly: really like this. theres definitely some BOC vibes in here but then the glides remind me a lot of Planetarium by squarepusher. nonetheless very original and emotive melody!
listening Track hey all. just finished a new mix of an old track. It's a bit downtempo and takes some inspiration from amon tobin and other sample based stuff!
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murcy: really happy vibe! Lush little track. Curious to hear more.
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murcy: What's the details behind this? You take an accapela or is this a local act you work with? Nice man.
TomPhonic: @murcy yes local emcee I have been working with. intro is a video sound track I found on instragram and asked permission to use. glad you like it. its more of an in your face type sound Ahh! you should check him out. He has beenn working with some really great producers. Kaotic Rawkus
Giegling, Metatron, Denmark, Youtube, Google
Listening to Traumprinz - 2 The Sky (Metatron's What If There's No End And No Beginning Mix)
Eskibeat, London, Grime, Eski, JME
Listening to Wiley's Eskimo
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bogdan: I see your Eskimo and raise you an Igloo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEh8-a2mDF4
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