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mookid: Playlist of entire EP, here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvOFMvlDggPzB38Tqd22te1uXdEOXmbQn
bogdan: nice @mookid! Grats on the release. I'm enjoying the atonality that resolves itself. Pleasant. Planning to try and get this out anywhere or perform with it or...?
soft: Nice work man.
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What's a one-night track? The infinite options with modern laptop music production don't pair well with perfectionist tendencies, in my experience. Hours spent agonizing over details sap away the emotional rush of a beautiful melody. So as a new training regimen, I'm forcing myself to complete some portion of songs in a single sitting. These are necessarily simple technical compositions, and simplicity can be rewarding. Trust your ears and stay humble. 3 tracks, modest post-processing.
➰ - Soundcloud
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nicknotis: I love the instrumentation, including the pigeon.
dubchieftain: We live in a small forest so we are surrounded by birds, particularly wood pigeons and have been making field recordings of them. The thing about this track its actually a sample from a bird song LP. I dropped the needle at a random point in the record and got the wood pigeon :)
reehc: sounds great, trumpet and pigeon perfect together
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listen to my live set for the online festival audioblast #5 organized by apo33 end of february:
live @ audioblast #5 - Soundcloud
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jp: i was using my voice, computer voices, kaoss pad 3+, kaoss pad quad, the organelle and a volca sample
bogdan: Hey jp! What do you think of the volca sample?
jp: well it's a nice toy for doing quick things (except loading samples. that's not that quick) and giving you unusual ideas. i generally like those small boxes but of course it's not a full blown sampler. but worth the money if you are into sampling.
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Mucking about with a Go Pro next to Loch Lomond.
untitled - Youtube
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dubchieftain: Nice vibe! I live not too far away from here.
bogdan: hey, I get a weird security error when attempting to visit your Aleccheer site. Is this some Scottish tomfoolery?
reehc: @dubchieftain thanks, wow lucky! @bogdan fixed the link, no tomfoolery just scottish internet stupidity! (I haven't made my site secure yet)
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TomPhonic: I'm enjoying the first linked song. It has a monster lurking kinda vibe.
nicknotis: I love both of these releases Ignatius, start to finish. Can you talk a little about what you had to do to replace the prior files? I've never had to do that before, but always feared that it wouldn't be possible. I'm glad to learn that it is. Don't bother answering my prior question. I see Bandcamp has a "replace" option for each track. I'm really into Smug Ruins, by the way. The quick attacking instruments contrast marvelously with the slow resonant ones.
I've been enjoying the hell out of Ignatius' new Smug Ruins EP, and came here to post a link. But alas, he's pulled it from Bandcamp. Perhaps he had an after the fact revelation on how to make it better. I don't know. If he reposts, I recommend checking it out. listening listening Mix
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ignatius: hi :)yeah.. i had the flu when i was uploading/creating release pages etc and a i uploaded the unmastered versions. the release should be back up soon.. hopefully this week. the release pages will be the same and anyone who bought it on band camp will have the release back in their 'collection' automatically. if not then i'll send emails out directly w/a link or something. thanks of listening and the support. glad people are digging it. there will be more ignites and buried in time stuff this year.
nicknotis: Excellent. Did JDG handle the mastering duties?
ignatius: @nicknotis - yeah.. he did.. but the files i uploaded weren't mastered ;) i should have the mastered version soon.
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