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mookid: Playlist of entire EP, here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvOFMvlDggPzB38Tqd22te1uXdEOXmbQn
bogdan: nice @mookid! Grats on the release. I'm enjoying the atonality that resolves itself. Pleasant. Planning to try and get this out anywhere or perform with it or...?
soft: Nice work man.
Analogue, Eurorack, Kurzweil, Machines, S3200XL
Hello again During the past 10 years I've been continuing to create music.. My hardware collection has been growing. I decided to go computer-less for a while. - it was hard work. I've learned to love a couple of machines I never thought I'd have the time for,- namely the Akai S3200XL and the Kurzweil K2000S. I had a phase of wanting to get a really nice analogue synth, but soon realised that few analogue synths have the personality that I crave. I've managed to avoid the Eurorack. Studio
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mookid: Sorry. . . I *was* computer less. I was using an MPC2000XL as the main sequencer with all audio routed into a Mackie 1604VLZ. It was fun but I wasn't comlpeting anything. The music I was making was essentially boring.
Butters: Im so glad this forum is back! This is my first post haha! ANYWAY - cool setup dude : ) I think I'm gonna do a computer-less project soon too yay. CHeers.
implexgrace: i went computerless for a while and it was fun but it definitely does not equal making better music or being more productive. i just sold a lead 1 rack and virus A and some other stuff. still have a cirklon and k2500rs. like you, i came to love the kurzweil. it is such a big pain in the ass though, despite how good it is. i'm in the process of making samples from it before launching it into the sun.