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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & JOIN THE PARTY ON PATREON! Video notes and deets below:

//PATREON: Patreon
(We're having a Patreon-only Live Q&A on the system Sunday)

Here's the system on ModularGrid:

Here's VCOADSR's mint set that inspired me to get in touch with him:

Here's Steevio's Primes explainer video that I have attempted to base this off: Youtu

Key Modules to google:
Doepfer Precision Adder
Doepfer Switched Multiple
Ladik S180
Ladik S183
Ladik Clockworks (See also Make Noise Tempi)
ALM Busycircuits Akemies Taiko
ALM Pamela's NEW Workout (my master clock - brilliant brilliant module)
Abstract Data ADE-60 VCA
Abstract Data ADE-50 Mixer
Make Noise MATHS
Make Noise Erbe Verb
Ornament & Crime

365 Nov 2017 Youtube

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