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Thanks to episode sponsors Signal Sounds: Signalsounds ! This month I'm very excited to present a chat with perhaps one of the most mysterious and well-respected characters in the Eurorack world - Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments.

In it we discuss his route into music technology, his module development process, the importance of daydreaming, and some quite surprising facts regarding the size of his company, and much more besides.

More at: Whywebleep


Here are links to good stuff mentioned throughout this podcast!

Firstly, thanks for helping pose questions:
James Carruthers: Twitter / Twitter
Tom Armitage: Foxfieldinstruments / Twitter

Data Cult Podcast: Soundcloud
Buy the Data Cult Set (and more) at my bandcamp: Bandcamp

Mutable Instruments: Mutableinstruments
CyliC: Comcyclicindex2
Music Think Mikrophonie: Co
VCV Rack: Vcvrack
Graphical Scores: Classicfm

Musicians referenced by Olivier:
Lightbath: Youtube
Iannis Xenakis: Theguardian
Portishead: Co
Sam Prekop: Thrilljockey
John Brooks (Advisory Circle): Co
Scanner: Scannerdot

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