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SHARE, SUBSCRIBE AND FIND MORE EPISODES & APPLE PODCASTS LINKS AT Whywebleep | COMPANION CASE WALKTHRU HERE: Youtu | In this episode we're very excited to meet live dark-techno-modular musician Ebcidic, formerly known as VCOADSR. Known in person as Phil Bilsby, Phil has developed a highly polished and well crafted rig for live performance, honed via extensive trial and error, and we discuss the story of its development in this episode. But we talk about much more as well - many thoughts about live music in general, preparing sets vs. improvisation, the importance of adding expression to your rig (and how), for starters. This should be very interesting listening for anyone curious to know more about how to play live, and thinking about building a modular synth full stop. So hit play, and check out Ebcidic's music via accompanying show notes.


Companion video exploring Phils live case in detail: Youtu

For a fantastic intro to Phil's music, listen to the Live one hour set at Yuma here: Soundcloud

The DJ-Kicks Album by Daniel Avery that Phil mentions is: Djkicks

Official website: Ebcidic
Bandcamp website: Bandcamp
Soundcloud website: Soundcloud

453 Mar 2018 Youtube

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