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This is a little weird sound experiment (light on melodies, high on mylar - skip to 6:10 for more melodicness) I recorded while beta-testing the new Mutable Instruments Plaits, Marbles and Stages, which I received all at once. When I put them all together in the case, I was struck by something: These three new modules, perhaps with the addition of a Clouds for effects and some utilities/VCAs like Blinds and Veils, are in effect like having a complete little Mutable 'Music Easel', in just three core modules.

This is especially because of the way that Plaits makes it so easy to switch modes, so that on a per-step basis it'll make a different sound - it can fill out the sound spectrum far more than it seems it has any right to. The ensemble is incredibly capable and flexible, and an amazing thing to have if you're interested in the whole 'generative' thing.

I was very struck by the elegance of what Olivier has achieved, especially with Stages, and look forward to getting to know these better. I'm going to be using them in my live system, but I wish in a way I had another set I could just put in a small system, something self-contained and fixed, to focus on and explore.

For more, I recommend Lightbath's Loom series which explores these (and the idea of building a system out of them!) Youtube


272 Apr 2018 Youtube

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